Yes, Working Remotely from Ibiza is as Cool as You’d Think

Although working remotely is not something new, it is true that the situation we are experiencing these days has made it relevant. It has changed from being a benefit offered by some companies to enable their employees to enjoy a more flexible lifestyle to becoming the norm for most companies around the world, right now.

Work remotely from a Villa in Ibiza

This lifestyle has become quite accessible to everyone and does not have to be reduced to an improvised desk in some room of our house. It is an opportunity to explore new places and work from idyllic locations overlooking white sand beaches or turquoise water coves. 

And we cannot imagine a better place to settle down for a while and enjoy working remotely, in a different way as a true digital nomad, than Ibiza. Idyllic, paradisiacal and full of history with its pleasant Mediterranean climate, its people, its freedom and of course, its fantastic gastronomy.

The magic of Ibiza

If there is one magical place in Spain, it is undoubtedly Ibiza. Surrounded by crystalline waters and natural corners where you can find inspiration. The island, known for its sense of freedom, irradiate a calm that very few people can resist.

Ibiza is a relaxing place in Spain

Its natural beauty, especially in the North, offers a place to enjoy the green pine mountains, the rusty red soil of the land and turquoise waters. The island’s energy, materialized in its colors and topography, helps to let your mind rest enjoying peacefulness and getting away the pressure and stress.

Why work from Ibiza?

Everything you have heard about the benefits of remote work can be experienced in Ibiza. This idyllic destination is perfect for boosting creativity, productivity and overall happiness. Ibiza has so many faces, that you can be sure to find the perfect place to develop your activity, especially if you are looking for the serenity that the north of the island offers. Between Santa Eulalia, San Carlos and Cala San Vicente, are hidden places of great beauty and tranquility.

Surrounded by white sand beaches, wild coves or Mediterranean pine forests on the island you will feel far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and much more connected to yourself and everything around you.

You will be able to work in a dream villa together with your family, or simply balance other simultaneous interests such as sport or just enjoy a relaxing swim at the beach just a few minutes away. This is the perfect option if you want to change your daily scenario from time to time, while continuing to work.

Working in a villa with pool in Ibiza

What do our villas offer you?

Located in different areas in Ibiza or Formentera, our villas are equipped with everything you need to enjoy a perfect stay and develop your work completely normal like Villa Sarahmuk or Villa Arola among others.

Views from Villa Sarahmuk
Views from Villa Sarahmuk

If you prefer to enjoy the interior of the island and the countryside, you can choose one of our rural houses, with the typical Ibiza style and surrounded by pine forests. They will offer you peace of mind and intimacy as our Villa Wicker, Villa Bella or Villa Hilltop so you can work without distractions.

Swimming pool in villa Wicker
Swimming pool in villa Wicker

Our villas in Ibiza are provided with a stable wifi connection and an optimum coverage in order to facilitate your day-to-day work tasks without any difficulty to attend virtual meetings, videoconferences or video calls that guarantee the development of your work activity.

Flavors of Ibiza

Another thing that will seduce you about Ibiza is its gastronomy, which combines tradition, the personality of the island and the character of its people. Its dishes, as could not have been otherwise, have an interesting seafood base with a great variety of fresh fish such as grouper, tuna, roosterfish or raor, the most expensive fish in Spain.

But rural Ibiza also adds its touch to the gastronomy with native wine, olive oil, almond trees, orange, lemon trees, fig trees and small sheep, goat and pig farms that have also left their mark on the cuisine with dishes such as matanza rice, fried pork or the payesa salad.

Other traditional recipes that you will be able to taste during your stay on the island are sofrit pagés, guisat de peix, greixonera or flaó, which transmit a culture and a way of life that cares about the natural environment and its local products.

Working remotely is an opportunity

We definitely believe that working remotely allows for greater flexibility and autonomy for employees. New technologies keep people connected and allow them to have meetings and complete projects from any place and at any time.

Besides, having the opportunity to spend some time in a new country or city, working there and developing habits and a routines as if you were a local, will be one of the most enriching experiences you will have and you should try it at least, once in your life.

While it seems you are still connected to your daily routine by work, you will learn a lot about yourself and the world around you by taking that learning home with you or where you decide your next home will be.

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