Hello world!!!

This is breaking news! I’m so excited because I was given the opportunity to start blogging in this space, I will write about whatever I think, mmm well, it’s not precisely whatever I think! Actually, it is whatever I think about a pre-fixed place! Yes! I was narrowed to cover only one location! And as you probably already suspect, everything here, is going to be related to the magical island: Ibiza!

For those who wonder I’m getting nothing in exchange! I know!!!! At first sight it looks a little unfair (I also got that feeling) but after having second thoughts I decided to get on board because sharing my honest view of the island can be fun and a new experience for me! As well as it represents the type of responsibility that I need while enjoying my amazing holidays here, so I don’t lose the bitter-sweet taste from the real world… For your information I’m not a professional blogger (please, be nice with your critics) but for your relief I write a lot in my daily work, so here I am.

Another reason why I decide to collaborate is because who on earth wouldn’t love to be able to explore Ibiza? To get around this beautiful island, to get lost while gazing at the ocean and the best part of all is that it will be so fascinating to staying at some of the most fancy accommodations that Eivillas has! Comfy bed, astonishing terraces, incredible swimming pools! My hint is that VILLA LYNX will be my favorite because I love its astonishing views to the beach its modern style, embedded in the middle of nature…. Oh no! here we go again! That is just day dreaming… I won’t be staying at any of these exclusive villas in Ibiza but I will visit some of them and promise to tell you in words what can be seen in a picture!!!! As well as soon advice before, while and after your holidays in Ibiza. I will also try to cover quite a range of things to do, suitable for family holidays in Ibiza, for young and wild people who want to have fun in Ibiza, regardless their budget.

By now! I am convinced Ibiza will be full with fun!!!! So let’s begin

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