Ibiza: 7 Days, 7 Plans

Ibiza is one of the best-known destinations in the world, and although it is traditionally associated with parties,  sun, and its incredible beaches and coves, more and more tourists are coming to the island looking for alternative plans. 

Do you think you can get to know another Ibiza while still enjoying the sun, beaches, and nature?

Today we like to show you the best plans to discover the island and its relaxed lifestyle. Alternative activities that you can do regardless of the time of year you visit Ibiza. 

7 cosas que hacer en ibiza en 7 días

Day 1: A Walk Through Local History: Dalt Vila, World Heritage Site

Dalt Vila is how the historic center of Ibiza is known, located in the upper part of the city with cobbled streets and a wall. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. 

Its walls were built in the 16th century by Felipe II to protect the city from pirates and French troops attacks. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to get lost walking through its narrow streets and have a drink in one of its countless terraces or restaurants. 

Centro histórico de Ibiza

What Can You See in Dalt Vila?

The Cathedral of Santa Maria or Virgen de las Nieves, it is known with these both names was in the 13th Century over the remains of the Yebisah mosque. 

Puget Museum located in the Can Comasema palace in Dalt Vila exhibits 130 watercolors, drawings, and oil paintings by the Ibizan painters Narcís Puget Viñas and his son Narcís Puget Riquer.

Sa Portella, one of the few remains of the old Muslim wall, and Calle Soledad one of the most unknown and narrow streets in the area.

From the Santa Lucía Bastion, you will enjoy a spectacular view of the port of Ibiza and the fishermen’s quarter. You can also see the 1700 powder magazine and the original cannons that protected the city at that time.

Day 2: Ibiza From the Highest Point of the Island: Hiking To the Top of Sa Talaia

Sa Talia is the highest point on the island at 475 metres. From there you can enjoy incredible views of a large part of Ibiza and also of the coast of Formentera. The path that leads to the summit runs along the slopes of the mountains adjacent to Sa Talaia and as you go up you will have the opportunity to enjoy fabulous landscapes and see, with a bit of luck, Jinetas, one of the most exotic animals living on the island. 

At the top there are two viewpoints where you can enjoy awesome views, looking north you can see the bay of Sant Antoni, Cala Bou, and Port des Torrent and Cap Nonó, from this location you can see a beautiful sunset if you go up in the afternoon. Looking south you will find the bay of Porroig, Cala Jondal with the coast of Formentera in the background.

Day 3: Sea, Fast & Fun

Ibiza is surrounded by crystalline waters which offer many options for water sports to practice. The island enjoys a pleasant climate with soft winters, so if you are a water sports lover you can enjoy them almost all year round. Although the options are infinite, today we highlight our 5 favourites ones:

  • Wakeboarding, if you like skateboarding wakeboarding will be your sport. Glide standing up on a board while being propelled by a boat. Whether you are experienced or not, fun is guaranteed. Dare to do tricks with the board, taking advantage of the speed or simply glide over the seawater.
  • Kitesurf, if the wind allows it, you can glide over the water powered by a traction kite attached to your body by a harness, so you can ride on a board over the waves or perform acrobatics in the air.
  • Water Sports Tour, if you don’t know which sport to choose, sign up for our tour. Enjoy during 2h practicing different sports like Flyboard, Seabob water propellers, Schiller water bikes, or paddlesurf. 
  • Snorkeling / Diving, Ibiza has an endless number of coves, and spectacular corners to explore the underwater world and take fantastic pictures. This sport is adaptable to all levels, whether you are experienced or not as you will be able to access places of varying difficulty. You can also choose from one of the many dives with instructors.  
  • Water bikes, full speed ahead. Without a doubt, one of the most exciting and popular activities to enjoy Ibiza’s waters. If you like speed and trying new things, this is your perfect plan, since apart from the fun you will be able to access hidden places that are only accessible by sea. 
Buceo y actividades acuáticas en Ibiza

Day 4: Wild Nature – Punta d’es Moscarter

Despite being a relatively small island, Ibiza surprises the visitor with the variety and contrast of its landscapes. Punta d’es Moscarter, the most eastern point of the island, offers wild landscapes and impressive cliffs from where you can admire the immensity of the sea. 

The area is home to the Moscarter lighthouse, an imposing 52m high tower, the tallest building on the island, which was built during the 1970s. Put on some comfortable shoes to walk the path that will take you from Portinatx (on the north coast) to the lighthouse and enjoy the incredible views that the route offers and take some time to relax and connect with nature. 

Moreover, from Punta d’es Moscater you can enjoy a natural and spectacular sunset, one of the best on the island.

Day 5: Cova d’en Marçà: a water, light and sound show

Located in the north of the island, you can walk from the Port of San Miguel. It is over 100,000 years old and was created by the telluric fault activity in the area. It is now mostly fossilised. Fossils of already extinct species were found inside it.

The tour of the Cave of en Marçà takes about 40 minutes and you can admire its stalactites, waterfalls, and lakes of great beauty that create a fantastic show of light, water, and sound effects. The entrance of the cave is about 10 metres above sea level and was discovered by the local people and used at one time by smugglers to store goods inside and keep them safe.

Day 6: Ibiza From the Sea: The Best Boat Routes

There is nothing better than a day onboard to explore the attraction of Ibiza’s coast through its crystalline turquoise waters. Renting a boat is, without a doubt, one of the best experiences to enjoy the sea and the remote places that the Ibizan coast offers. Whether you can crew the boat or rent a boat with the crew, the feeling of freedom is assured. 

Barcos en una cala de Ibiza

We propose you the 4 best routes easily navigable during an excursion day: 

  1. Sa Caleta, Cala Jondal, and Porroig. With only about 30 minutes of navigation between them, this route through the southeast of the island offers cliffs and places of great natural beauty.  
  2. Cala Bassa and Cala Conta. Sailing between these two coves, located a little more than 2 hours away by boat, offers many possibilities. You can discover the small caves of Cala Bassa or snorkeling and enjoy the seabed of Cala Conta. From here you can also go to visit Dragonera and Conejera. 
  3. Espalmador Island (Formentera). Located in the Ses Salines Natural Park, you will not be disappointed by this incredible natural setting. It is a very small island and apart from the typical turquoise waters of the island, you can take advantage of it to have some mud baths and tone your skin.
  4. Sa Pedrera. Also known as Atlantis, Sa Pedrera is one of the beaches with the most difficult access from land. It offers rocky pools as it is an old quarry.

Day 7: The Legend of Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà is a rugged, uninhabited island 413 metres high located southwest of the coast of Ibiza. Due to its geographical location, it is one of the largest magnetic centres on Earth, which has led to the proliferation of various myths and legends about Es Vedrà. 

Es Vedrà can be a mysterious place, as can the Pyramids or Easter Island, which is why there are several myths and legends circulating around this rocky islet, ranging from UFO sightings, which is the home of Astarte, the Phoenician goddess of fertility, or which is part of the lost city of Atlantis. The mythology about this place is infinite so we think it is best that you check it out for yourself. 

But beyond all these legends, Es Vedrà is part of a Natural Reserve of great ecological value both for its fauna, as it is home to a great variety of birds and lizards, and is also one of the most important breeding grounds for birds of prey and sea birds. 

Es Vedrà is characterised by the continuous influence of the sea and wind and by the lack of soil, as it is a rocky formation. Its vegetation includes endemisms and other species that are of great interest due to their rarity. 

Accommodation in Ibiza for these 7 days

You are surely already looking forward to visiting Ibiza and enjoying this week and an incredible trip. To make this possible from Eivillas we offer you the ideal solution for you to spend these 7 days in the best possible accommodation, you can consult our villas in Ibiza from which you can discover each of these activities that we propose, all from the comfort of a private space to rest every day, having your private pool.

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